Original Apple-1 for sale on Ebay for 175,000 USD

There is another original Apple-1 computer now for sale on Ebay.  The Apple-1 is considered to be the holy grail of the Apple computing world and only a few of them are still in existence.  Originally 175 units were sold but Apple offered a trade in policy for the boards when they came out with the Apple ][ computer.

This particular machine belongs to a former Apple Computer, Inc. employee, Joe Copson and is inside of a case that is unlike that of most Apple-1 computers.   While most people had their cases in brief cases, or hand made wooden cases, this one is inside of a case that is not unlike other computer cases of the era.

Joe Copson grew up in palo Alto, Ca. He was in communications in the Vietnam War. He worked on the Cray Super Computer. he worked for Atari and Apple. He wrote programs. He passed away suddenly in 2005 after checking into the hospital. It is speculated that he likely died from exposure to agent orange during the war. After a  misdiagnoses by VA doctors, it was discovered during his autopsy that his body was full of cancerous tumors.

According to Caren Rippley, the holder of the item, “Joe loved computers and was working on a program to use telescopes with computers. I know someone else developed one- we never found his material on his work.”   He lived up in the mountains near Palo Alto. After his sudden death, his younger brother Bill and some of Joe’s friends had to pack up and clean his place. A lot of things were tossed and lost or given to his friends as Bill could not bring everything back to Arizona.”

Bill asked me to list this for him. Joey has only 1 other living relative his nephew Eric who is also very mechanical and inventive. Joey had been so excited when he purchased the Apple 1 and it was the only one he kept all these years. When the group went through his possessions, they discovered other pictures of the computer everyone remembered.  It was a wooden box that seemed odd and out of place.  The box  did not have a top to it. It was misplaced or tossed during a relocation of the items during 2007. There were also some letters from Apple on yellow lined paper about the Apple-1, but those also were misplaced.

While most Apple-1 auctions have gone for less than 100,000 USD, a recent auction put on by the Christie’s auction house reached a whopping 213,000 USD.  This may be what is bringing another Apple-1 out of the closet so soon.  This particular machine comes complete with a replica of the original manual signed by the Apple-1’s creator Steve Wozniak and a number of other original items, including a cassette interface for the machine.

Caren also mentions via a comment left on this site, “the Byte Store serial number is on the back. Joe put the keyboard on the computer as he was a programer for the Cray super computer, worked for Atari and Apple.

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