New Apple-1 Game, Codebreaker Available

Egan Ford has created a new game for the Apple-1 computer.  The game, Codebreaker, is based upon the old game of Mastermind in which a user tries to break the code in the shortest time possible.  The six digit color coded sequence must be solved in a minimum of moves and time.

Codebreaker requires a 16K Apple-1 computer or an Apple-1 emulator such as Marc Ressl’s Open Emulator ( in order to play the game.  Egan has provided a video of the game throughout all stages of the loading and playing at:

You can download the game in either AIFF audio format or in monitor Hex code format.


Hex Code:

The program was developed on the Open Emulator Apple-1 and was developed using CC65 primarily using C and Assembly Language.  The game provides two levels of play, Normal and Pro.

Load instructions for the game:

  • C100R
  • C100: A9*
  • 280.1225R
  • 280R



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