AAPL: Shares up in Pre-Market Trading

Apple Inc (AAPL) is trading up this morning with a jump of $2.23 per share in pre-Market trading.  With the .5% boost in the stock price, it is nearing the level it was at earlier in the week.  At 9:00 am, the stock stands at $437.35 USD per share and should stay relatively close to if it is a normal Friday, volume wise.

The only news weighing on the stock this morning is the loss in German courts to Motorola.  Apple has in turn taken down all 3G models of the iPhone from the German Apple Store due to the ruling yesterday.  3G is the centerpiece of the Motorola lawsuit and they won an injunction against Apple requiring a 100 Million Euro Bond.   The only course for Apple other than to pull the products temporarily is to appeal and sue for the loss of revenues should they win in higher court.

This temporary loss however could keep Apple investors at a slow pace for the next few days as they await the course of action that Apple will take from here.

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