Bytes From The Apple – Will Apple’s great Quarter push expectations too high?

Apple had a slam dunk, in your face type of quarter in quarter 1, 2012.  It’s profits were beyond that of any belief.   The stock price jumped to over 455 USD a share at one point after profits were announced.  The number of iPhone 4S’s sold were more than 4 million units beyond that of even the most optimistic analyst.  It was a huge success, but there are cracks in the mirror.

Supply is an issue for the iPhones, hard drives are still problematic for the desk tops, and really, the fiasco in Beijing cant be good for the next quarters profits.  Even Apple themselves were selling the good results this quarter as a one off type of deal.  But what is the truth.

At this point, Apple is the most valuable company in the United States.   It is selling products that customers wait in lines for days to get, and their corner on the Tablet Market doesnt look like it will wane any time soon.  This will especially be true if behind this great quarter, Apple comes out and announces the iPad 3. However, the iPad3 will need to have some major improvements in order to keep it on the leading edge of the market.  People are also expecting the iPhone 5 or something of the sort sometime within the next 12 months and that should also be a super star seller if it increases capabilities exponentially.

If all of these items are introduced this year, what will hapen next?  The stock go through the 1000 USD mark?   Or will we hear a large thud next quarter in Cupertino as Apple comes back to reality?  While Apple seems to be playing up the we are not going to do that well this quarter bit, it is doubtful that it will be any kind of crash to earth.  It will more likely be more modest profits, but profits all the same.

Many people are still attributing this quarters results to Steve Jobs, however, Tim cook has been in control for a while now really and if this quarter is anything to judge his tenure by, it should be a good one.   Apple still has tons of money and plenty of time for a few stumbling blocks along the way, but looking at the current state of affairs, it looks like the steps will keep spiraling upward.

And speaking of all that money.  97.6 Billion USD in cash.   No one can even really fathom that amount in their minds, yet Apple is still sitting on it.  While they say they are talking about how to use the cash horde, they really could just keep accumulating the cash and sit on it.  Investors might like some dividends but then I guess the stock price rising the way it is is thanks enough for the average investor. The way Apple will likely spend it is to keep producing the kinds of products we have come to expect, leading the way, spending on research and development and more factories.

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