Jerry Mancock, Creator of Apple ][ Case and Macintosh, Talks about Life at Apple with Steve Jobs

Paula Routly recently interviewed early Apple Inc. employee Jerry Mancock.  Jerry was Apple Computer Inc. Employee 6 or 7, depending on who you ask and he gave a very detailed overview of early life at Apple,  about working on the Apple ][, Disk ][ and eventually the Macintosh, as well as working with Steve Jobs.   The original creator of the Apple ][ case was originally very skeptical of Steve Jobs and asked for payment up front.  He didn’t get it but still did the job.  Steve like Jerry’s work so much, he hired his as the Corporate Manager of Product Design in 1977.

Jerry’s work came to light thanks to the book by Walter Issacson, Steve Jobs, published weeks after Steve died.   As riveting as the story is, Jerry’s appearance on page 73 of the book has all the details of a long drawn out conversation.  However, Jerry maintains, no such conversation ever took place and the details in the book are wrong about how much Steve paid Jerry to produce the Apple ][ case.

You can read the entire story of the man responsible for the early years of Apple’s Macintosh designs on the Seven Days news site at:

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