Japan iPad2 Postponed and other mumblings

Many of you readers may have noticed that I have been rather absent in my postings to the website for the past two weeks.  Now, I am back, well shaken, radiated and ready to get this glow in the dark bod back into form here.

News events here in Japan have been nothing less than heart breaking and absolutely horrifying.   The thought of so much loss of life and damage is beyond the comprehension of the average person, but I can tell you the resulting chaos of the system that brings us the best electronic parts in the world is not likely to recover soon.

Thus it is, that Apple, Inc. earlier this week announced the delay of the iPad2 in Japan.  What is even worse than that news for Apple fans in the country is that Apple has no date of release for the iPad.  Of course, all this news seems like happy news compared to the hellish nightmare of the past 12 days and no technological advancement outside of gasoline, kerosene, and electricity are all that important when more than 300,000 people are on the streets with no home to return to thanks to the forces of nature.

I for one, while I do want the new iPad and had planned on purchasing one, have no intention now of pursuing the new product until the people here have recovered sufficiently and life has returned to as close to normality as possible in such situations.   Apple, inc. will just have to forgive me for not buying one, but at this point such a purchase seems like an extravagance and with rolling blackouts here, not really all that necessary.

I am sure Apple, Inc. will release the iPad2 and when they do it will be a big event.  Until then, the only even I am worried about is riding out these hourly earthquakes and making sure supplies are acquired.

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