Will Apple re-name Siri for Japan Market?

Notes making the rounds in the blogs today are making light of the fact that Siri, the new iPhone 4S personal assistant’s name is similar sounding to the Japanese word Shiri.  Shiri, or Oshiri in Japanese is rear or bottom and certainly not a word I would believe Apple would want associated with their latest product.

A similar incident happened when the iPad was introduced in Japan.  AiPad is an adult diaper brand in Japan and this fact apparently escaped the Apple naming checkers at that time.

While most companies are conscious of their naming when they market to multiple countries, it appears that this one slipped by the Apple sensors and threatens to become a bit of a laughing stock in Japan.  Japan has traditionally been Apple’s largest market and thus it is highly probably that Siri will find herself or as Apple Says “itself” renamed.

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