Apple Employee No-Call Agreement Lawsuit Being Allowed to Proceed by Judge

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is one of five companies being named in a lawsuit, claiming they violated antitrust laws by colluding to not recruit employees from the other companies also named in the suit. US district court judge Lucy Koh, declared that the lawsuit can go forward without prejudice.  The San Jose California based court judge decided that even if the case was dismissed the plaintiffs could actually we file a new complaint in reference to the current one.

The lawsuit is alleging that the companies named colluded to drive down competition for employees.  The judge in the case wants to see how far the collusion went and whether there were any federal laws broken.

The other companies named in the lawsuit include Walt Disney’s Pixar animation division, Intuit Inc., Lucasfilm Limited, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Intel Corp, and Google Inc.

Source : Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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