Apple Struggling in China to Keep Pace

Speculation that Apple may be losing out to it’s Chinese competitors in mainland China is coming to the forefront.  While Apple products are popular the glove over, in China, there is a possibility that infrastructure to handle the iPhone and iPads may be the major limiting factor in China.

According to a report in Reuters by Lee Chyen Yee, “A tie up with another telecoms service provider would help catapult Apple sales. But the biggest by far, China Mobile Ltd with more than 600 million subscribers, may not have matching technology in place commercially until late 2012 or 2013.”  This issue is not unlike the one faced by AT&T when the first version of the iPhone was released.   AT&T had to spend millions of dollars upgrading their network to handle the ever expanding requirements by the devices and users still complain that the infrastructure is not sufficient.

Apple obviously wants to get a large chunk of the China Pie where nearly 2 billion people live and nearly half of them are cell phone users.  This lends itself to the idea that Apple is pushing into a tie up in China as it has in other countries around the globe, but whether those vendors can really help them grab market share remains to be seen.


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