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by Dana Redington,
Apple Computer, Inc.

A number of exciting software/firmware items will be forthcoming shortly from Apple. Included are a number of revised demo tapes and an extensively modified Star Wars program, which will have many new features, including more areas of action and additional sound effects. All will be available from your local Apple dealer, as well as from the club.

In firmware, a utility ROM has been scheduled for production in the next six weeks and will feature the HIRES color graphics routines and a music synthesis routine. New Basic commands in the ROM include APPEND, which will permit you to load portions of a program from tape separately; VERIFY will allow you to check the tape you have just saved, without reloading and testing it; another will output alphanumeric characters overlaid on a graphic s mode screen, and a method of renumbering Basic lines will be provided.

Applesoft Extended Precision Floating Point BASIC is currently undergoing revision and will be available shortly to 16K owners through our dealers. Standardization with Integer BASIC commands are among the changes, and of the Integer Basic color commands will be included in the Applesoft. This version should be available on a ROM board by June.

Also announced for June IS a Shugart floppy disc drive, complete with controller and software, retailing for under $700. Two other items that have been designed to interface with Apple ][ are a music synthesizer which provides a display while it is playing music, this one from PALA of Oklahoma City, and Mountain Hardware of Ben Lomond, Calif., offers remote AC controller which handles lights, coffee pot, etc. through your Apple.

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