Program Submission Guidelines

As we indicated last month, we need your software for our library, in order to make it available to others. You can help cut down on our processing time by observing the following guidelines. All programs should be completely self-prompting. This means all user instructions should be embedded within the program as “print” statements, so the user can run the program Without any additional information at all. Please state the language the program is written in, i. e., Integer BASIC, Applesoft or machine. For machine language, the beginning and ending addresses should be shown, along with any special instructions, such as set HIMEM, etc. A brief description of the programs function would also be helpful.

The following information is required in the REMarks lines of the program: Name of program, author, date written and the A.P.P.L.E., logo and address. We anticipate having printed submission forms for your convenience in the near future. Thanks for your help.

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