Steve Jobs – The Quiet Philanthropist

From Call-A.P.P.L.E. MagazineJanuary / February 2017 –

Over the last 30 years or so of Steve Jobs life, many in the both the Apple community and the philanthropy driven community accused Steve of not giving or hoarding his billions of dollars in wealth.  What they did not see was the reality that Steve was a giving person early and often.

While Bill Gates has a public media blitz with every gift he has given to various causes over the years due to his profile in the computing realm, Steve Jobs was quite the reverse. The media did what I have always called “Story Creation” when it came to how little Steve was giving.  Of course, this type of activity happens when the media doesn’t really know anything and they have to get a story to press.  Funny to say, it was always fodder for the days on which the news cycle was slow or that no one died on.

Even Warren Buffett, best friend of Bill Gates, had pushed everyone who had billions to give away half their wealth.  But this did not play with Steve and he never signed on for the idea.  He instead was to choose a different path and methodology for his philanthropy.

Thus, I set out, armed with the usual questions about what Steve Jobs really did with his money, I wanted to see if the myth of the man befit the man himself, and the words that had been printed about him. As I started to dig a bit more into the lives of and the deeds Steve and his Wife, Laurene Powell Jobs,  I was especially interested in what they had done in the philanthropic field particularly with medicine and education and was soon to discover several things that seemingly went against the generally known facts of Steve Jobs.

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