Happy 64th Birthday Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs at the 2002 MacWorld Expo in Tokyo

Steven Paul Jobs, Co-Founder and visionary of Apple would have been 64 years old today. Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, creator of the Apple-1 and Apple II computers, and Ron Wayne, the oft maligned and forgotten third partner started the company that most of us have come to know and whose products we all now use on a daily basis.

While much has been written about Steve over the years both in the positive and the negative, yours truly has been there for two of the most earth shattering moments over the years in relation to the effect he had on Apple and the world.

The first was 2002 and the introduction of the iMac and the iPod. After witnessing the decline and absolute decimation of Apple Computer, Inc., the introduction of the iMac and the iPod were not only great events but they changed the way the masses looked at computing, music, movies, and other aspects of the consumer computer market.

These introductions that took place at the 2002 MacWorld Expo in Tokyo and were well received by the public. Of course Apple at the time had the biggest market share in Tokyo of any place in the world. With nearly 20% market share at the time, nearly 198,000 people saw these items over the three days of the event. However, it was Steve’s words at the Keynote that sent shock waves around the globe.

The second event was WWDC 2007 in San Francisco. The iPhone was introduced and all of the world went wow and then a loud thud was heard when Steve proclaimed that developers did not need an SDK for the new iPhone. Of course, in February the following year, that all changed, developers got their iPhone SDK and the rest is history.

Subsequent introductions and the iPad were much of the same technology and never quite reached the fervor of those two introductions but of course, the world was changed.

And thus we here at Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange wish to say to Steve Jobs, Happy Birthday!

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