Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated. Version 1.28.2 was released today with a few changes and fixes. According to the Github, these include the following:

  • [Change #616] Support vertical blending for ‘RGB (Color Monitor)’ for hires.
    • Support the old AppleWin 1.25 vertical blending for hires via a ‘Vertical Blend’ checkbox.
  • [Change #621] Support RGB AppleColor card’s 160-color pixel mode by squashing 640 pixels into 560 pixels.
    • Squashing is done by losing every 8th pixel.
  • [PR #623] Do not reset on minor state load errors.
  • [Bug #609] Configuration dialog didn’t correctly reflect lack of Mockingboard/Phasor when loading a save-state without this sound card.

Applewin Emulator is one of the more mature Apple II Emulators for the Windows operating system and is currently managed by Tom Charlesworth and Nick Westgate.

You can download the latest version of the Applewin Emulator and the full source code from the Applewin Github page at:

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