WWDC 2014 Keynote to be Broadcast LIve


The annual World Wide Developers Conference keynote for the 2014 rendition of WWDC will be broadcast live.  Breaking with past years, the past several keynotes have been broadcast over the Internet, making it available to more people, especially in light of the popularity of the tickets for the event.  WWDC is held each year at Muscone Center in San Francisco and is a week long chance for developers to rub elbows with the developers at Apple.  It is also a chance for Apple to announce forthcoming products at a conference where it is a majority of people who are pro-Apple.

Apple has also made many of the events available for viewing using their WWDC app over iOS enabled devices.  The broadcast of WWDC 2014 will begin at 10PM PST and can be viewed with the Safari Browser only.   To view the WWDC Keynote, go to:


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