The Apple House — Limited Quantity of Originals Available


John Blankenship, the author of Blankenship BASIC, RobotBASIC and a number of books has made a limited number of original copies (NEW) of his book, The Apple House, available.  Originally published in 1984 by Prentice-Hall, this book explains how to make your house completely computerized with the Apple II computer.

Imagine the convenience of having your “house” keep track of how many people are in each room and to turn off all the unnecessary lights. It does not take long till you take for granted that the lights should come on automatically when a room is entered.

Sometimes, of course, you will desire to take personal control and override such automation. Fantasize for a moment about the ability to just talk to your house to have your wishes carried out. And when you talk to the house, it will answer back-in its own voice.

I’m talking about a home that can also answer the phone, monitor security, and wake you up in the morning. And these are just a few of the  capabilities you can expect.

All sales for this book are handled by John Blankenship himself and the books are $35.00 for paperback versions of the book and $50 for Hardbacks.   These are the last of the originals so, once they are gone,….

To order The Apple House, contact the author directly at:
RobotBASIC @


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