The Spring Thing Interactive Fiction Contest

For those of you who write adventure games or interactive fiction, there is another contest out there.  The Spring Thing was announced and run by Aaron Reed and the entry deadline is 1 March 2018.  Initially held in 2002, The Spring Thing is intended to be an event which brings interactive fiction writers together.

This Main Festival Games need to comply with the following forms:

  • New: your game should be unreleased at the time the festival opens.
  • Finished: the game should be complete, in the author’s estimation, and tested.
  • Yours: your entry should be your own original content, and not contain any copyrighted material you don’t have the rights to.
  • Free: the festival version of your game must be freely available both during the festival and in perpetuity afterwards on the IF Archive.
  • Interactive fiction: telling a digital interactive story with words should be your game’s identifying feature.

There is also a Back Garden Games section for those who are not quite as serious about the contest.   For that section, the games can be the following forms:

  • do not take part in ribbon nominations;
  • do not take part in the prize pool;
  • can be excerpts from an unreleased game, even one planned for commercial release, as long as the excerpt is polished enough to be exhibited;
  • can be more experimental or use a looser definition of “interactive fiction” than Main Festival games.

All of the entries into the Main Festival will be eligible for the ribbons and prizes which they offer.  For more information about The Spring Thing or to enter the contest, check out their website at:


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