Assembly Lines Podcast #56 – Fixing Bugs in Wizardry

Chris Torrence comes to us once again with an interesting Assembly Language problem. Wizardry, one of the early Apple RPG’s, on the Apple II and II plus runs normally, however, running it on the Apple IIe causes an issue with the computer switching to 80 column mode and causing weird issues with the displayed text. Suddenly instead of the normal display of the text, it puts spaces between each character of the text.

While most people who have played the game are only mildly annoyed by this issue, it is none the less an issue. Running the program on the Apple II and II plus from 80-column mode, makes the program force back to 40 column mode.

Chris takes the user through a quick trace of the program and how to hack the program into forcing the disk to only use 40-columns, in the end producing a version of the disk that works properly on the Apple //e in the original format.

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