PLASMA for the Apple II Updated

The PLASMA (PLASMA: Proto Language AsSeMbler for Apple)programming language, developed and curated by  David Schmenk has gotten an overhaul and update.

For those who have never used PLASMA, ”

PLASMA is a medium level programming language targeting the 8-bit 6502 processor. Historically, there were simple languages developed in the early years of computers that improved on the tedium of assembly language programming while still being low level enough for system coding. Languages like B, FORTH, and PLASMA fall into this category.

According to David’s FB posting, updates to the PLASMA package include:”

One of the most significant was the reminder (from this group, no less) that Apple published a floating point math package called SANE. After writing some libraries to make easy access to the relocated code file, I needed a test harness. And Sean Fahey wanted a demo.

David’s PLASMA demo program which demonstrates the updates is an RPN Calculator demo on disk which can be downloaded in Apple II ProDOS Order Format disk image for free download from:

You can find the PLASMA disk images and the PLASMA programming language reference guide on it’s GitHub page at:

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