Eaten By A Grue Podcast Episode 26 — The Witness

Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston have released the 26th episode of their Infocom podcast, Eaten by a Grue. This episode, the two adventurers delve into the game The Witness.

The Witness, originally published in 1983 by Infocom, follows in the footsteps of their earlier Deadline with the user becoming a sleuth and having to solve a murder mystery. The game was designed by Stu Galley and was released for 9 different platforms between May 1983 and September 1984.

The game was received quite heartedly by the computing community and in spite of graphical RPG’s being the norm, won an award for the Best Computer Adventure Game of 1984.

Kevin and Carrington take on the game and its idiosyncracies in their podcast which is now available from the Eaten by a Grue website at:

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