Cassette Recovery Software Released

The data read prior to the recovery software
The data read after the recovery software

Christopher Mosher has released a software package which allows a more precise recovery method of recovering Cassette tapes with data on them.

Being as most of the tapes created for computers with cassette interfaces were created in the 1970’s the quality of the tapes and the data recovered from them can be quite problematic.

But according to Chris’s Facebook posting, he says, “I’ve tested it on a limited number of images and it has successfully recovered some that wouldn’t load before.”

The software is available as C++ source code on the Github site and is available as a free download, with the package itself being released under the GPL version 3 license. It is designed to run under Mac, Linux and Windows but requires the SDL2 Development Library.

You can download the Cassette Recover package from:

About the author
Christopher Alan Mosher is a programmer from Shelton, CT, USA. and is the author of the Epple II Emulator, an Apple II emulator for several platforms.

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