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Issue # 22
a weekly journal devoted to the Apple II family of computers
Sunday, March 24, 1996 – issue 22 – II.Smthg.960324


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Editor’s Greeting

This is 22 and my tongue is in my shoe. I’ve had a respiratory problem (worse than usual) for a couple of weeks. The doctor had blood drawn, possibly because he doesn’t have xray equipment at this time (I’m not sure that’s true, but his partner moved to a different facility and may have taken it with him). My lack of energy has resulted in no progress on the Spectrum Host/KOTOL project. Even my motivation has been on vacation. I took a look at it a while ago and just don’t feel like working on it. I’ve done one thing (added a check routine for the first character of the logon name string) but that’s all. My apologies for that, and for the lateness of the issues over the past month or so.

My plan is to continue the KOTOL project installments as I work on it, rather than set a specific time to publish it. My main priority is going to be varying the fare a bit more and uploading the issues on time. A week and more late is just ridiculous. I’d love to hear from you regarding things you’d like to see in II Something, or questions regarding software or hardware problems.

The Genie Real Time Conference went pretty well. It was a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised by the expression of interest by attendees. I still need to check on the download numbers, to see if that has taken a jump.

This week’s issue has a mess of stuff in its archive. Most of this came from Washington Apple Pi’s website and is reproducible as is. Two of them are actually useful. As my energy returns I’ll do a better job with each week’s issue.

As spring approaches the weather may actually clear enough to see Comet Hyakutake during its peak in April. March’s best viewing turned out to be not so great, or so I heard – I couldn’t have gone out to a dark location in the late hours even if the sky had been clear here. The only time I’ve seen a decent comet was around 1975, and it was pretty nice. It was large and looked like it had been airbrushed on the sky. The tail was long and beautiful, and contrary to expectation was still. The comet just sat there in one place in the eastern sky and was visible in the later hours (11 pm as I recall). Halley’s (here in the US this is pronounced Hay-lee’s; in Halley’s England it’s still pronounced Hall-Eees; Carl Sagan arbitrarily pronounces it HAL-Eees) was a dud during its last trip through. Kohoutec (sp?) was supposed to be a huge spectacle in the early 1970s, but it was visible through telescopes only for the most part.

Luckily I rely on my Apple II for cheap thrills.

Webfind of the Week – Marek Kozubal’s Apple WWW Page


“Even though people think this computer is dead there are still many people out there who use an Apple II in their everyday life and I intend to help support the die hard Apple II users!”

I think I picked up this link off GS Worldview. Marek attends Brandeis as a computer science major, belongs to the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, is an astronomy enthusiast who developed satellite tracking software while serving as an intern at the Hayden Planetarium and Gilliland Observatory at the Boston Museum of Science, and maintains homepages for satellite tracking software, the Apple II, and the Transformers tv series. His Apple II links are numerous but unremarkable. Some of them may be obsolete, old, and in the way. Seems like a fun kid. He’s also got a BeBox, I don’t know how, and has a link to its own domain. He’s emailable at progrmer@max.tiac.net (or is it progrmer@tiac.net?). Finger him at:


The Wire Service – Caltech!


According to AppleByter March 1996 (a big thank you, Nancy!), Dan Zimmerman now houses the Apple II archive on his own Mac and EGO Systems has donated a copy of Shrink II (Mac version of GSHK) for his use. WWW access may be available in the future. Dan is emailable at dmz@cco.caltech.edu

II Infinitum!

The Wire Service – Sue Trowbridge


While perusing some of the new X-Files sites I’ve found (about a dozen I think) I found a reference to high school pictures of Gillian Anderson (she grew up here in Grand Rapids, Michigan). When accessed the site told me the pictures were no longer online, but there was plenty of amusing material here, including the proud phrase, “enhanced for Lynx”. What a crack up.

Susan has received so much email from people all over the world asking if she is the Sue Trowbridge they used to know, from wherever, from whenever, that she has managed to set up a series of links to the email addresses for all the other Sue Trowbridges she’s been able to find. Quite amusing.

This Sue Trowbridge works in television and maintains the Top Ten List site for David Letterman. At least I think that’s what she said. Have fun with this.

The Wire Service – Unidentified Flying Objects

One of the X-Files sites had a raft of UFO related sites, and here they are (including the X-Files site itself). The actual URL name ends prior to the UFO: header which I just use for my Delphi Favorites.Sav file (it makes the Personal Favorites menu look nicer). Of these, the most interesting ones are probably www.cris.com (that’s not new to II Something readers) and www.cs.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/ which has a very well designed hierarchic structure to follow. The Belgian reports of 1990 is documented here. Belgium, France, and Germany had a large number (1000s) of reports of very large triangular craft around that time.

http://www.mckinley.com/mckinley-txt/ufo.html/ UFO: McKinley 1
http://www.mckinley.com/mckinley-txt/ufo.html#TRUST/ UFO: McKinley 2
http://www.cris.com/~psyspy/index.shtml/ UFO: Guide to Knowledge
http://ume.med.ucalgary.ca/~watanabe/ufo.html/ UFO: Alberta UFO Research
http://hufos.sonic.net/hufos/ UFO: Hastings UFO Society
http://sloop.ee.fit.edu/users/lpinto/ UFO: LPinto
http://www.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/ UFO: WWW Virtual Library: UFOs
http://www.cs.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/misc/Belgium.html/ UFO: Belgian UFO
Activity (March 1990)
http://www.cs.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/ISCNI.html/ UFO: Inst for the Study of
Cont w Nonhuman Intel
http://www.cs.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/astro-sightings.html/ UFO: UFO
Sightings by Astronauts
http://www.cs.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/ORTK/index.html/ UFO: Operation Right
To Know 1
http://www.ee.umanitoba.ca/~laurent/Disks/ORTK/ortk.html/ UFO: Operation
Right To Know 2
http://www.westnet.com/~teack/ufo.html/ UFO: Westnet - UFOs etc
http://www.westnet.com/~teack/roswell.html/ UFO: Westnet - Roswell

Updata – Internet Email Subscriptions to II Something

This week’s issue will go out about two weeks late to everyone on the newly expanded list. Due to laziness I plan to send it as a single text file, rather than as BINSCII. Last week’s went out almost a week late, and as text only (there were no non-text files in the archive, so I sent it as a single text file).

It’s not too late to be added. I’ll accept Internet subscribers until I let you know otherwise. The only reason I’ll ever have to stop is if I end up kicked off Delphi and Genie.

Wish List – More Websites

There are just not enough Apple II software and hardware companies online. I realize that it is not cheap to lease the line for your own domain, or to have an account with a homepage, say, on AOL (cheaper to do this than to have your own domain). Maybe the word could be spread via email if necessary.


I just don’t know what’s coming, other than the six month mark. If I can make it to six months, both of us will be amazed! Let me know what you’d like to see, whether it’s something I used to do or something I’ve talked about, or just an idea of your own.


II Infinitum

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Welcome to II Something. It’s October 1995 and I’m still using an Apple IIgs. What am I missing? The newest machines use CRT screens (preferred, even with laptops except when actually used on the lap), keyboards, mice, and sound to implement an interface with the user. Hard drives are used for primary storage and boot volumes, while CD-ROMs are used to hold larger data files, and floppy and tape drives are used for current data and backup for the hard drives. Modems are used for communication with mainframes. These features have not changed in years; most of them have not changed in decade.