Macintosh Librarian – A History with a Snarky Mac SE-30

A nifty little video cast called the Macintosh Librarian is now running through the Retro Macintosh channels. The Macintosh Librarian ( K.Fox ) in her latest video talks about the history of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) with her digital Mac SE-30, Maccy.

Taking you from the earliest days through to the hey day of the MECC, the Macintosh Librarian Episode 6 is well worth the twenty minutes of time to watch it and gives some interesting perspective, not found in other videos. And with Maccy providing its input every few seconds, this video cast is a fun walk through history complete with the snarky comments that such a subject requires.

If you want to check out the Macintosh Librarian (@maccyandme on Twitter), Check out her YouTube Channel at:

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