TXTRIS Comes to the Apple II

Over the past 30 years, there is one game which has appeared time and time again in many forms on almost every platform known to man.  That game is TETRIS.  Hours in the arcades led us all to seeing the blocks in our sleep due to the fact that we were still trying to get the entire 4 lines completed over and over again in the game.   

Thankfully, there is another fix for this re-iteration syndrome that we face.  For those of you suffering with severe Tetris withdrawal symptoms, you will find that this little gem  of a TETRIS version, created by Mario Patino for the Apple II Software Enthusiasts programming contest, is just what the doctor ordered.

TXTRIS is a text based TETRIS game base largely on the 6502 Tetris Commodore 64 version created by Wiebo de Wit.  But Mario has taken things a few steps further, even going so far as to attempt to re-create the official TETRIS splash screen totally in text characters, giving this game a flavor all its own.

In out play testing, we found that the game plays extremely well and between the standard blocks, normalized screen along with the additional sounds, TXTRIS makes the nostalgia level increase just as quickly  as the difficulty increases as you play.

We will have to wait and see how the game stands up against the other competition in the current rendition fo the A2SE contest but the game is definitely a worthy contender for the crown.

You can download the game in Apple II disk image format from the A2SE group or from:


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