Realm: Rays of Nightmare V. 1.3.0 Released

For those of you who have been following Daniel Gordon’s Realm release, there is a new version of Realm: Rays of Nightmare available for both DOS 3.3 and ProDOS.

According to the release notes accompanying the release, “This release provides automatic combat resolution, some new potions, and support for the ProDOS RAM disk. It adds interface improvements, balancing, and a little different Iron Tower magic. The RAM disk works on emulators, but testing on real hardware is still pending.”

In our trials of the changes, we found the game much more playable with the automatic combat resolution, leaving the game in a very near Ultima style which old school RPG players will definitely appreciate. The update also includes updates to the manual for the game.

For more information or to download Realm: Rays of Nightmare, check out Daniel Gordon’s GitHub page at:

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