BuGS v2.0.1 Released

Rand-Emonium Software has announced the release of the latest version of the Apple II gs game BuGS. According to the press release from Jeremy Rand, curator of Rand-Emonium Software in the Kansasfest list,

This bug fix addresses a problem where a failure where the network interface cannot be brought up at all was treated as a “soft error” that could be fixed with a retry.  This lead to a situation where you could get repeated prompts due to a score upload problem if your OS install has the network SW setup but you don’t have the corresponding HW.  Also while there, I improved the prompts that do appear when a score upload fails and the user is asked if they want to retry.

I also am now providing two bootable images.  One has no networking SW present and should be used on systems without network HW.  The other has the appropriate SW installed to support a Uthernet I card in slot 3 and is intended to be used from mame which can emulate that card.

Thanks to Kate for recently playing BuGS on her twitch stream which helped me to identify these problems – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1079737042

You can download the latest version of the BuGS game as well as the complete source code from the Rand-Emonium Software website for BuGS at:

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