RetroMacCast Episodes 555, 556, and 557 Released

James Savage and John Leake, curators of the RetroMacCast, have released three episodes of their podcast simultaneously. In these three episodes, they cover :

A number of eBay finds including Power Computing 100SuperMac C600, and Power Computing Field Vest, Power Mac G4 Cube prototype shellMac Classic II, and classic Mac lot, Macintosh TVColor Classic, and Macintosh 128k.

In Episode 555, they look back at MacAddict from January 2001, and news includes Apple car rumors, G5 Minecraft server, and more NanoRaptor creations.

In Episode 556, they turn on James’s Macintosh TV, and news includes new iMac rumorsBaking an Apple Pi, and Mac84’s new series on Apple clones.

In Episode 557, they are joined by Steve from Mac84, who introduces his series, “The Rise and Fall of the Macintosh Clones” and brings the news including the Macintosh birthday.

For more information or to listen to the RetroMacCast Podcasts, go to their website at:

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