The Story None Dare Tell

If word of what’s really going on ever got leaked by the media, it would trigger a world panic. It would immediately destroy the economy of every country in the world. Every business would close down. Money would become worthless. Highways would become impassable. Food stores would quickly be stripped by mobs. 
Power would shut down, taking water supplies with it. All communications would end. No radio, TV, telephones, mail, Fed-X, UPS, and so on. 
Would this mess cause fewer deaths than keeping what’s coming a secret and letting it just suddenly happen? At least the billions of resulting deaths would be quick and fairly merciful.

I’m sure this is what the Vatican and governments in the know have had to weigh. What would happen if six billion people all stopped work at once…permanently? And all tried to head from the cities to the presumed safer hills, away from the oceans?
There is no good scenario. The best approach is to let those wise enough to see what’s coming take precautions to survive and do everything possible to suppress any scary leaks.
The Story?
It’s the end of the world as we know it…and possibly an end for hundreds to thousands of years.

So, what do the wise see that’s being covered up by the world governments, with the help of the media? It’s a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions. And what’s going to cause this disaster? It’s the passing of what’s being called Planet-X, which swings through the solar system about every 3,600 years.
The wise have read James McCanney’s Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes. And Mark Hazelwood’s Blindsided. They’ve read about a planet called Nibaru, Marduk, or Wormwood, as reported by ancient civilizations to have caused massive destruction in its passing.

They’ve read the geologist reports that Yellowstone is heating up and predicted to explode, which it has been doing about every 600,000 years. The last blast was 650,000 years ago, so it’s a little late. The experts say that when it does let loose it’s be about 2,500 times the Mt. Saint Helens explosion and is expected to kill all life within 600 miles. Well, there goes the western US. 
They’re watching the reports of increased Sun activity, more comets and asteroids, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting…all as predicted by McCanney’s book.  
It hasn’t escaped them that nine major volcanoes erupted in 2001; thirteen in 2002, thirty-seven in 2003 and twelve already in 2004. They’ve read that the snow on Mt. Fuji in Japan is melting for the first time in history. They’ve read about the areas around Vesuvius being evacuated and that Popocatapetl, near Mexico City is threatening to erupt.
They understand that this means the magma under the tectonic plates is heating up and thus making it easier for there to be a sudden pole shift. They know there’s been many in the past, with each causing mass extinctions. The magma heating up has triggered thousands of undersea volcanoes to erupt, heating the oceans and changing the ocean currents. Fortunately, virtually all of the world’s people have been kept busy with work and entertainment, so they haven’t noticed what’s been happening.

Governments and the media have been silent. 
Oh, there have a been a few voices in the wilderness, but they’ve been quickly shushed. Some by death. Nostradamus predicted a pole shift shortly after the millennium which would kill 97% of humanity. That seems like a reasonable estimate. Chet Snow, in his Mass Dreams of the Future, made a similar prediction, based on his group’s progressing about 2,500 people hypnotically to their next lives. Then we have David Booth’s and Gordon Michael Scallion’s almost identical visions in March 2003 of a coming Yellowstone explosion, with Scallion being given a date of September, 2004 for the event. We have similar visions by Sean David Morton, Edgar Cayce, and Ed Dames. 
Visions-smisions? Then you haven’t read Dean Radin’s The Conscious Universe, which shows that scientists have proven that precognition is a reality.

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