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Well another month has passed, and it seems that every month we get a will later in later in the production process. The this month we have a few special items in the magazine, including reviews of iListen, by emulator, and various other software packages.

In the world of innovation, Vince Briel  has been working on  a new version of the replica one. The latest  version will include a USB connector as well as power connectors for the newer ATX type case.  This innovation will allow people to put their replica-1 directly into micro tower and book size pc cases and possibly even a notebook case.

Of course, the build in Serial connector also allows the user to have complete control of the machine right from the start.  This combined with the new CFFA card for the replica-1 from Rich Dreher will allow people to have auto-booting Apple-1 compatibility.

Unfortunately neither item is available for sale yet, but the mere promise of the items is enough to whet even the most hard core geek in all of us.  I am sure that when the items are for sale, we will all have to have one.

Of course, these are not the only innovations in the vintage Apple computing world, but they are certainly significant.

Of other note, A.P.P.L.E. will begin offering the 3.01f ROM for the Ram Fast SCSI cards for the Apple II.  While it is known that the 3.01e series ROMs has an inherent error which causes the backup feature of the cards to destroy hard disk drives, it is not known how many people actually ever received the 3.01f ROM.

A.P.P.L.E. will be taking orders beginning the 10th of July for the 3.01f ROMs and they will be delivered upon payment through Paypal.  Delivery will take 10-14 days on average due to testing of the ROMs to insure that all are written properly.

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