The New Apple II Users Guide Price Reduced for the Holidays

The New Apple II User's Guide cover

David Finnigan, author of the widely acclaimed New Apple II Users Guide, announced a price reduction of the book for the holiday season.   According to the press release posted in the CSA2 newsgroup,

“Just in time for the holidays! The price of the hottest new book for the  Apple II series, The New Apple II User’s Guide is now reduced from $25 to  the low, low price of a mere $20!

Don’t miss your chance to snatch up your first or second (or third?) copy of  the book at such an insanely great price. This would be a great Christmas  gift for that special family member or friend!

Already have a copy? No worries! Just sell your old one on eBay and use the proceeds to buy the new copy.

But wait, there’s more! Starting now is the book’s second printing which  fixes the typographical errors and other minor mistakes that were present in  the first printing! This book is better, and it’s at a lower cost too! Wow!

This is simply too good a deal to pass up! The price won’t stay this low forever.

You can purchase the New Apple II Users guide from the website at:
or from Amazon at


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