Scott Forstall out as Software Chief at Apple, Inc.

Tim Cook has brought out the hatchet in the aftermath of the failed launch of Apple’s Maps on iOS.   Software Chief Scott Forstall, who was seen by many as the next CEO of Apple is the first of those to go.   With the debacle with the iOS 6.0 release with Apple’s maps, many customer were absolutely adamant that Scott be fired, yet Tim Cook seemed reluctant to take action.   That is no longer the case and Scott will only serve in an advisory role to Tim Cook, but will no longer be responsible for any Apple projects.

Scott’s position and responsibilities will be transferred to Eddy Cue, who has seen a more public role in the past two years, even prior to Steve Job’s passing.  These responsibilities will be added in addition to his current role as the Internet Software and Services Chief and in the education realm of Apple’s efforts.

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