ADT 1.2.2 Released

The latest version of Apple Disk Transfer (ADTPro) has been released.  According to the press release from David Schmidt, “This release understands ShrinkIt-shrunk disk images, and treats them  like any other disk image.  To be clear, ADTPro won’t create new SDKs – but it’ll unpack existing ones and write them to a real disk of  appropriate size.  Going the other way – from real disk to image – ADTPro will always create normal DOS-ordered (for 5.25″ disks) or ProDOS  ordered (for anything else) disk images.

Other bug fixes include 5.25″-send bit corruption introduced in 1.2.1 and more conservative speediboot margins due to reports of failures in the field.

1.2.2 – July 22, 2012

New functionality:

   [Server] ShrinkIt “SDK” disk images are recognized and dealt with    as any other disk image

Bug fixes:

   [Client] A bug was introduced in 1.2.1 due to an assembler upgrade  that made many DOS 3.3 image sends fail to send correctly
   [Client] SOS version volume display function regularly crashed
   [Client] Speediboot pauses longer after serial reset to give various machines enough time to recover before sending out the first download request.”

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