AppleCommander Released

AppleCommander, the Java based disk image tool by Dr. John B. Matthews has been updated.  Version was released this morning on Dr. Matthews’ webpage.  AppleCommander allows you to open Apple ][ disk images and view their content down to the individual files.  You can also use AppleCommander to import and export files from the disk images, as well as to convert disk images from one type to another.

The current release features changes made by David Schmidt.  They include the ability to place Pascal Text files onto DOS ordered (.do) disks.  AppleCommander comes in several flavors including a Mac based Universal Application and is a free download:

  • AppleCommander-version-ac.jar: a command-line Apple II disk image tool.
  • a universal Mac application.
  • the AppleCommander source code.
  • the AppleCommander web pages and javadoc.
  • AppleCommander-version.jar: The AppleCommander jar (requires SWT).

You can download the programs as well as the AppleCommander command line guide from:


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