Age of Reason BBS Back Online

During the snow storm last month in Washington State and it’s following cleanup, the machine that runs the Age of Reason BBS was struck down by a power surge.  The cause of the surge was apparently crews re-setting power line.   While the machine was not totally fried, the power supply is a bit loopy from it.  But this has not prevented the inevitable return of the Age of Reason BBS.

Gene Buckle, the curator of the Age of Reason BBS said in a posting on CSA2: “I finally got the hardware issues straightened out and AoR is back online. The clock is a bit duffy (just remeber that “8:” is 1989. 🙂 ), but other than that it’s ok.

The original power supply got smacked by a power surge and the 12V section is a bit scrambled.  I get 11.87 on the 12v leg (which I guess is marginally ok), but -10v on the -12v leg.  At some point I should chase down a replacement power supply as I just don’t have the time nor interest in fixing this one.

The Age of Reason is the last remaining Apple II BBS running on a true Apple II.  The system uses GBBS Pro by Greg Schaefer, a popular Apple II BBS software package from the 1980’s which utilized a programming language ACOS.

To login to the Age of Reason, go to: telnet://

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