Ample MAME Interface Bug Fix Release

Kelvin Sherlock has released an intermediate bug fix release for the Ample MAME interface. Ample is an Apple centric graphical interface for MAME running under MAC OS which allows users to quickly configure and run a variety of Apple 1, II, III, IIgs, Apple II clones, and retro macintosh computing platforms.

The bug fix, released as Ample version 0.241-1 resolves the following issues:

  • The previous build had problems with the Preferences window.
  • When running MAME, a software list entry is now after any slot configuration. This allows running 3.5″ disks (such as The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate (800K 3.5″)) on an Apple IIe with the Apple II 3.5″ Disk Controller Card.

You can download the latest release of the Ample interface from the Ample Github page at:

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