Ample MAME Interface Updated

A new version of the Ample Interface for MAME has been released. With the release of MAME 0.247, Kelvin Sherlock has updated his Apple centric Ample Interface to 0.247. The Ample MAME Interface is a MAC OS based, easy to use configuration panel and selector for the Apple based emulators in MAME.

Ample includes an abbreviated custom version of the MAME emulator which only includes Apple-1 Emulation, Apple II series computer Emulation, Apple II Clone Emulation and Macintosh emulation from the MAME project.

In the latest update to the Ample interface, the following changes are included:

  • Includes MAME 0.247.
  • Added the Laser 3000 / Dick Smith CAT driver and UI. Please note that the emulation for this system is not yet complete.
  • Includes experimental Uthernet II / WIZnet W5100 emulation. Marinetti, IP65, and A2osX have been tested and should work. (This should make its way into MAME when the code is cleaned up a little more.)
  • Bug fixes and improvements for W5100 emulation.

In order to use Ample, you will need a minimum of Mac OS X 10.11 or newer installed on your Macintosh. You can download the Ample Interface as well as the source code for the program from the Ample Github page at:

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