Apple II Diskbrowser Version 1.55 Released

Apple II Diskbrowser version 1.55 has been released. The Apple II Diskbrowser is a disk image viewer produced by Denis Molony that allows users to view the contents of their Apple II disk images.

Version 1.55 includes additional support for Applesoft Programs including better formatting and wrapping of Applesoft program listings. It also provides complete analysis of programs including variable and array listings.

Appel II Disk browser handles many different Apple II series computer disk image formats including:

  • DOS
  • Prodos
  • Pascal
  • CPM
  • HDV
  • 2mg
  • shrinkIt, gzip, zip
  • hybrid disks
  • woz
  • Unidos

The Java based Apple II disk browser application will run on Windows, Macintosh and Linux and supports all of the standard Apple II file formats.

You can download the latest version of the Apple II Diskbrowser App from their Github page at:

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