Apple II Desktop V.1.2 alpha 26 Released

The Apple II Desktop project has released another alpha update to the program. Alpha 26 includes a lot of changes to the Desktop package and the Desk Accessories. Localization for English, French Italian and Spanish has also been expanded in the program.

Some of the other changes in the program include:

  • Fix bad rendering when unknown file types are present.
  • Allow Esc to close OK-only dialogs.
  • Fix scrollbar calcs when repopulating window.
  • Erase before redrawing header when opening via path.
  • When dragging, clip highlighting to window window.
Disk Copy
  • Fix memory corruption. 
  • Rename “Facilities” to “Options”
Desk Accessories
  • This Apple: Support lowercase keyboard shortcuts
  • This Apple: Account for up to 8 SP devices, just in case
  • This Apple: Add Z-80 SoftCard detection (maybe?), c/o Frank M.
  • This Apple: Handle wDrive SmartPort query responses.
  • System Speed: Support lowercase keyboard shortcuts
  • Key Caps: Hacky Platinum IIe detection using “shift key mod”

The Apple II Desktop project is led by Joshua Bell, whose team has released a slew of changes for the program since the initial version. You should note that this release is not one that the general public should implement in any production environments as it is, as Joshua is fond of re-iterating, very alpha!

You can see some of these changes in the program or download the latest Alpha release of the Apple II Desktop at:

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