Apple IIGS Gopher Alpha 5 Released

Over the past several months, Kelvin Sherlock has been pushing out alpha releases of a Gopher client for the Apple IIgs. While still in Alpha state, the current version of the GS-Gopher client is not only robust but also quite useable. Some of the updates included in the Alpha 5 release of the GS-Gopher Client include:

  • Fixes a bug in alpha 4 where the network status window would cause an unable to load resource error.
  • Command-/ will do a veronica search (which is like a google search without all the ads). The floodgap veronica search engine is used by default but this editable in the preferences. Of course, preferences are fleeting and temporary; perhaps the next version will save them to disk.
  • Added a preferences window. Preferences are not yet saved.
  • Added theming, available in the Preference window.
  • Fixed an issue where the search icon might not display properly.
  • Fixed the text wrapping / right margin to account for the scrollbar.
  • Fixed an issue where parsing a non-standard (70) port didn’t always work correctly.

Using the GS-Gopher requires an Apple IIgs, an Internet card such as the Uthernet II, The Uthernet LinkLayer for Marinetti, the Marinetti TCP/IP Protocol Suite for the Apple IIGS, and of course GS-Gopher.

Once you have your GS-Gopher client setup, you can checkout Cameron Kaiser’s Gopher page at where you will find the article shown in the accompanying graphic image as well as a list of all known Gopher Servers.

You can download the latest version of the GS-Gopher suite along with the source code at the GS-Gopher Github page at:

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