Applecorn Emulator Updated

Bobbi Webber-Manners has released an update to her Applecorn emulator. Applecorn is an Apple II ProDOS based BBC Micro emulator that has multiple language capability within the emulator. The emulator features 32KB of program space and has been confirmed to work with the following BBC Based languages.

  • Acornsoft COMAL
  • Acornsoft FORTH
  • Acornsoft Lisp
  • Acornsoft MicroProlog
  • Acornsoft BCPL

In addition the emulator should work with any single BBC ROM based language. The latest release of Applecorn adds the ACCESS star command which is as follows:

*ACCESS pathname attribs – change file permisions. The string attribs
can contain any of the following:

  • R – File is readable
  • W – File is writeable
  • L – File is locked against deletion, renaming and writing.

Applecorn requires a 128kb based Apple IIe and will display a ROM loader at boot time. The Applecorn emulator is a free download and is all source is available for download from the Applecorn Github page at:

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