Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated. Tom Charlesworth, the curator of the Applewin project has added additional configuration support to the latest release, version 1.30.4 as well as a host of other items:

  • [Change #975] Extend Configuration’s Disk GUI to support a Disk II controller in slot 5.
  • [Change #977] Add per-slot configuration to the Registry (and conf.ini).
    • eg. “Last Disk Image 1” has moved from “Preferences” to “Configuration\Slot 6”.
  • [Change #976] AppleWin’s help now documents Control-PrintScreen to copy the debugger’s disassembly window to the clipboard.
  • [Change #960] Floppy image names are now stored in Registry (or conf.ini) with their full path.
    • NB. Hard disk images were already stored with full path.
    • NB. save-states still only store the filename (and use “[HDV] Starting Directory” or prompt user to find the file).

Applewin is a full featured Apple II emulator for Windows machines and supports many different real hardware aspects of the original Apple IIe computer. You can download the latest version as well as the source code for the Applewin emulator from the GitHub page at:

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