Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 35 Released

The A2D project has released Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 35. The latest version includes a slew of changes to the desktop as well as the launcher, selector and also updates and fixes to the Desk Accessories. Some of the changes include:


  • Fix list views showing as empty (regression in alpha34).
  • Use more consistent alerts for all DeskTop warnings/errors. #207
  • Correctly restore all 14 devices in ProDOS DEVLST table on exit. #549
  • Make selection when opening items more consistent. #415#544
    • Volume icons remain selected, regardless of method.
    • Folder icons are immediately de-selected, regardless of method.
  • Fix operations on directories with more than 255 entries. #548
  • Fix hit testing in the Format/Erase volume picker.
  • Fix Special > Get Size not showing results for empty volumes.
  • Fix Special > Get Size showing error for volumes if aux memory is not zero’d.
  • Render drag-selection outline in windows with dotted lines.
  • Fix desktop drag-select after window restore. #547
  • Allow drag-select with modifier to extend selection. #546
  • Ignore double-click on empty space when holding modifier. #545
  • Show alert when two volumes have the same name. #542
  • Process re-inserted disks in reverse-DEVLST order. #540
  • Repaint windows properly after “must be closed” warning. #539
  • Fix crashes after adding files to folder that surpasses icon limits. #538
  • Fix maximum icon count calculations. #537
  • Prevent “System Error” alert after ejecting disks. #536
  • Ensure “files remaining” decreases if copy skipped. #534


  • Fix copying to RAMCard on directories with more than 255 entries.


  • Fix Startup menu items. #535
  • Fix copying to RAMCard on directories with more than 255 entries.
  • Fix copying to RAMCard for certain specific directory sizes.
  • Don’t show Apple menu after dismissing alert with Esc key.
  • Show correct alert message when copying fails.
  • Show correct alert message when swapping ejectable disks.

Desk Accessories

  • Fix path and directory handling for Preview DAs shown from Apple menu. #543
  • This Apple
    • Improve Mockingboard detection when accelerated.
    • Fix display of SmartPort with many volumes.
    • Max out at 8 SmartPort devices on a controller.
  • Control Panel
    • Hide cursor when blinking IP. #533
    • Don’t warp cursor when changing tracking speed.

While the application is still considered to be Alpha, it has progressed significantly over the past several years thanks to the efforts of Joshua Bell and his team. If you are interested in trying out the Apple II Desktop on your own machine, check the A2D Github page at:

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