Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

Tom Charlesworth has announced the release of the latest version of the Applewin Apple II Emulator for Windows. Applewin 1.30.6 includes the following updates:

  • [Bug #993] Fix Mousecard not persisting after a machine’s hardware changes. (Regression at
  • [Bug #985] Fix one-shot paddle timers. [xotmatrix]
  • [Bug #989] Debugger: Fix disassembly for NMOS 6502’s JMP (Indirect) not showing correct target address.
  • [Change #987] Debugger: Add ‘lbr’ command to show Last Branch Record for a change to the control-flow from an instruction or interrupt.
    • NB. Bcc opcodes that aren’t taken don’t affect lbr.
  • Debugger: Add ‘brkint <on|off>’ command to break at the instruction after an interrupt is taken.

According to Tom, his new “lbr” or “last-branch-record” debugger allows the Applewin debugger to “record” the address where the last control-flow instruction was executed (BRK/JSR/JMP/RTS/RTI/Bcc + interrupt).
Useful for debugging cases when you get dumped at a BRK or an invalid opcode.”

You can download the latest version of the Applewin emulator from the Applewin Releases Github page at:

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