Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Software Updated

The Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Software has been updated. Release 1.53 as it is being called includes a bevy of fixes and improvements including:

  • Fixed a crash in the Disk Analyzer flux edit view if selecting invalid nibbles.
  • Drive Config/Probe will properly set sane defaults if you skip things like the HD test. It will also properly set sane values if you manually change the supported density. This was causing some drives to not be able to image some formats if you didn’t successfully complete a drive probe.
  • Flux imaging from a PC drive will now correctly require an index sensor or other sync mechanism.
  • Increased the tolerance for inrush current when powering up a drive. This was preventing some drives from powering up.
  • Fixed regression in loading of SCP files. The files were not being processed after loading.
  • Cleaned up some disk description messages when flux imaging from PC 3.5 drives.

You can purchase the updated Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller or download the latest version of the software from the Applesauce FDC Website at:

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