Applesauce FDC Client Software Updated

John Keoni Morris, author and creator of Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller, has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of the client software for the Applesauce FDC. Version 1.1.4 includes a host of fixes and incremental improvements.

According to the announcement in the Applesauce group, Version 1.1.4 includes:

• Fixed a couple crashes and hangs in .woz generation.
• Last release of Fast Imager had an issue where it would sometimes mark empty sectors as bad on 13-sector disks only.
• Some optimization of 5.25 Flux Imager.
• Fixed up the track seam detection. This improves the reliability when writing 3.5 disks from .woz format. You will need to re-make the .woz file from the original .a2r.
• Some write information for 5.25 .woz files is being generated. If the Disk Analyzer gives you all green statuses for your disk, then it should be able to write it. Copy protection included.
• Lots of other UI cleanup and small bug fixes.

The software update can be downloaded for free from the Applesauce FDC website. For users with older versions of the software installed, a firmware update may also be required by the device.

If you have not purchased an Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller yet, you can purchase the device from the Applesauce FDC website at:

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