ColdMac 2022 is now online

The latest rendition fo ColdMac from Mac Fixer is online. The annual startup of the annual test of the 2009 iMac has been upgraded a bit this year with some addition caching and query optimizing according to the owner.

According to the ColdMac website, ”

ColdMac is an old Apple computer that lives in my shed and tracks its own internal and external temperatures, and also hosts this webpage displaying that data.

The shed this Mac lives in is very cold. It is not insulated, the door has no seal, and there are two vents in the walls. So while there is a very limited amount of thermal protection, it’s generally within 5 degrees or less of the actual outside temperature at night. During a sunny day, the shed can warm up much warmer than the outside temp. 

This Mac is a 2009 iMac. It is loaded with internal thermal sensors. In addition to that, I use a USB thermometer to get ambient readings inside the shed. In total there are 7 values I picked as the most interesting. They get logged, displayed and graphed. website

If you want to check out the current temperatures and stats, go to the ColdMac website at:

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