Applesauce Client 1.57 Released

John Morris has announce the availability of the version 1.57 of the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Client Software. According to the release, The new version of the Applesauce Client includes the following changes:

New Features

  • Official support for 8-inch drives is here! You can now specify them in the Drive Configuration screen. If you were being sneaky and already using an 8-inch drive with a 5.25-inch profile, then you should edit your profile to change it to 8-inch. This will be required for disk format detection.
  • Support for Victor 9000 disks (single and double sided). This system had a crazy variable-rate floppy drive that was coupled with a disk writing system that really wasn’t particularly good at its job. It is highly recommended to only image these disks with the Fast Imager. 
  • Low level support for handling disks with changing encodings or sector structures like using multiple sector sizes on a single track. This hasn’t been trickled up to the images as of yet, but the groundwork is now laid.
  • The Flux View in the Disk Analyzer now shows you the FM/MFM value (clock and data bits) along with the final nibble value.

Improvements and Fixes

  • The Find command in the Disk Analyzer will now allow you to search for desyncronized disk nibbles in FM/MFM encodings. And if you are trying to reverse engineer a new disk format, you can put an ! after a hex value in order to allow it to ignore clock bits for that value.
  • Improved support for disks that use multiple disk encodings (GCR, FM, MFM).
  • When doing volume name autofill in the fast or flux imagers, it will now be sure to trim whitespace from the ends of the volume name.
  • Saving 3.5 woz images from the fast imager could sometimes save an incorrect number of sides value to the woz header.
  • Fixes to Analog Characteristics tests for Apple 3.5 drives.
  • Can now export DMK files for disks that use multiple encodings, like TRS-80 disks that have FM encoding on track 0 with the rest of the disk being MFM.
  • Fixes to the Go command in the Disk Analyzer.
  • Some improvements to loading of SCP files.
  • IMD export now shows warnings for sectors that have bad data checksums.

You can download the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Client Software from:

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