Brutal Deluxe Software Announces DOS 4.4

Brutal Deluxe Software, known for its many contributions to the Apple II gs community has announced a proof of concept project.   DOS 4.4 and MUFFIN for DOS 3.3 to 4.4 has been released and is available for free download from their website.

According to the posting, DOS 4.4 is

A proof of concept project

  • For a DOS upgrade
    • And you can download DOS 3.4 below…
    • DOS 3.4 is like the OS code of DOS 4.4 with the RWTS routines of DOS 3.3
  • For the .WOZ format
    • That format will be generated by the Applesauce device of John Keoni Morris
    • That format will need a couple of new real disk formats to validate the digit from Applesauce
    • So, I have decided to use start with DOS 4.4 to:
      • Understand how the RWTS works
      • Prepare new on-disk copy protections to answer to the topic above
      • Test with a new format: 4*4 encoded nibbles sectors because:
        • Read/Write routines are the base for fast read/write from/to disk
        • And counting cycles is a mandatory step for writing on-disk protection schemes
        • 4*4 is used for spiraling and other weird on-disk protection schemes (decoding is fast)
        • So the 4*4 routines will be used for such a purpose

For further updates and information about DOS 4.4, check out the Brutal Deluxe DOS 4.4 page at:

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