Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 38 Released

Joshua Bell and his team on the Apple II Desktop project have released another update. Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 38 includes a slew of changes, fixes and updates including the following:


  • Use language-specific thousands separators.
  • Various string updates.
  • Loaders:
    • Add background to loading screens progress indicators, if MouseText supported
    • Only show tip with Apple glyph if MouseText characters are supported


  • Show clock immediately when menu bar changes. #586#587
  • Make renaming a file with the same name a no-op. #584
  • Don’t clear input field if File > New Folder alerts. #583
  • Prevent crash when Apple+Down invoked with no selection.
  • Fix crash when closing windows.
  • Fix alert shown when selector Menu is full.
  • Update confusing “run list”/”other run list” strings.
  • Renamed “Selector” menu to “Shortcuts”. #378
  • Improved Disk II detection.
  • Detect ADTPro’s VEDRIVE and VSDRIVE, use file share icon.
  • Allow Shift+Apple+Tab to cycle windows in reverse, if detectable. #230
  • Make alert messages wrap automatically, rather than manually.
  • Fix arrow key highlighting after a view change. #592


  • Show clock immediately when menu bar changes. #588

Disk Copy

  • Improved Disk II detection.
  • Improved disk eject code, and SmartPort handling in general.

Desk Accessories

  • Support localized DA filenames
  • Date: Expanded to include both date and time. #11
  • ED Player / System Speed: Ensure DHGR mode is not exited when resuming full speed.
  • Calculator: Change title to “Calcolatrice” in IT.
  • ED Player: Update IT strings. #582
  • Font Preview: Verify file size before trying to show.
  • Text Preview: Center the Proportional/Fixed toggle label.
  • Joystick: Slow processor when reading paddle on IIgs.

Apple II Desktop is a graphical mouse controlled user interface for the Apple II series computers and requires any Apple II or Apple II compatible computer including the Apple IIe, Apple IIc, Apple IIc Plus, Apple IIe Option Card for Macintosh, and the Laser 128 or 128ex computers.

You can find the complete documentation for the Apple II Desktop on the main website at: The source code and the latest binaries for the Apple II Desktop are available from the A2D Project website at:

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