New Apple II Game: The Pudding Strikes Back

Marc Golembeck has released his entry for the Apple II Software Enthusiasts Challenge 2021 programming contest. The program, The Pudding Strikes Back, is a double low resolution graphical shooter game, is appropriately themed for the Christmas 2021. Pudding runs on an enhances Apple IIe, IIc and the IIgs as well as a variety of Apple II Emulators including Applewin and Virtual II.

This is an unusual First Person Shooter game as it features a number of effects not normally seen on the Apple II computer including:

  • Steerable crosshair for aiming and firing on objects
  • Five different objects to shoot at with varying flight trajectories and velocities
  • Points to earn depending on the difficulty to shoot an object
  • Pause key option (NSFW!) during timed gaming
  • Hi-Score management
  • Background scrolling
  • MockingBoard PT3-soundtrack (if MockingBoard is installed)
  • Lots of pseudo randomness for varying game action

You can download The Pudding Strikes Back from Marc’s webpage for the game at:

It is also available at A.P.P.L.E.:

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